‘Farmer Wants a Wife’s’ Farmer Alex Is Looking for His First Ever Love

Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Alex Taylor is looking to lose his “love virginity” on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia and with odds as good as this series has, he might just do it.

The sheep and cattle farmer is from Cunnamulla in South West Queensland, however, with his family business struggling due to drought, he has been forced to get another job after coming back from overseas.

In an interview with Perth Now, the 29-year-old said that it had “been rough” coming home after two years and had to get a job in mining, “two weeks on one week off”.

“Straight to the mine, straight to the farm,” he told the outlet.

As for meeting someone, Taylor struggled to find anyone overseas or in his country town because the population was too small and he was too busy working.

The number one priority for Alex is becoming a dad and in a relationship, not having any trust is a dealbreaker.

“I am fiercely loyal to my loved ones and I hope I can find a partner who feels the same way. I’m also an adventurous soul and need someone who is willing to go on adventures with me but has the resilience to live in the isolation of the outback,” he said in his introduction interview before the series began.

In a relationship, Taylor is “I’m highly spontaneous and happy to show a lady a good time” and says no one will get bored with him because he’s a very energetic person.

Taylor prides himself on having a strong work ethic and is a “good listener and considerate of others”.

From what we’ve seen already, Farmer Alex is a real catch!

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