Big Brother’s Danni Uniek is Bringing the “Real” to Reality TV

Big Brother

34-year-old Danni Uniek arrived via crane in the Big Brother house and she’s ready to bring the “real” to this reality competition.

Uniek had her first child at the age of 18, followed by a second one and is proud of the life she has built for her family.

Now the mother-of-two, who loves music, movies and new experiences, says it’s the perfect time to live out her Big Brother dream.

When the four new housemates were kept in the cage for grocery money, Uniek commented that it “was a great way to see the dynamics in the house” and this is how she plans to win the game.

Uniek will watch the housemate’s behaviours and mannerisms, trying to figure out the right moves to make.

She believes that having an open mind, being selfless and a willingness to learn will make her popular within the fold and joked that she would be the “funny one hanging near the hot people at the pool.”

Uniek’s pet peeves include rude, mean or unwelcoming people and won’t stand for childish behaviour.

If she were to win the cool $250k prize money, she would buy a “pimping’ caravan, a new car and take her family on a holiday.

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