Big Brother’s Daniel Gorringe is Your New Favourite Loveable Larrikin

Big Brother

This loveable larrikin is set to make his mark in the Big Brother house.

Daniel Gorringe is a former footy player who is able to have a laugh at his own expense. Always the joker, he’s the first two tell you he’s been fired from not one, but two clubs for not being able to “get the ball”.

The 28-year-old from Melbourne, stands at a huge two metres tall (6ft 5) walks into the house as a single man, however, as filming started he was still keen on someone on the outside — Ana Cannon, who is now confirmed as his girlfriend.

In fact, Ana pushed him to apply and is often the camera girl behind his hilarious Instagram videos.

Gorringe is big, tall and a class clown and his strategy coming into the house is to be his “unique, funny, weirdo” self.

He’s a genuine down-to-earth bloke, who is the life of the party and will entertain with his humour and antics.

Gorringe’s pet peeves are people who are fake, annoying or act like they’re better than everyone else, but he’s the first to admit that he himself is impulsive and has a bad temper.

If he were to win Big Brother, Gorringe would use the money to take Ana on a holiday, help his family and friends out and put down a deposit on a house.

WATCH: Meet Daniel Gorringe from Big Brother Australia.

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