Meet Coco — the Boisterous Career-Drive Bride from MAFS Australia 2021


Married at First Sight bride, Coco Stedman, is coming in hot to the experiment. She’s boisterous, energetic and career-driven.

The pilates instructor (who owns KX Pilates in Sydney’s Miranda) was once married, but after only six months, the relationship broke down after feeling like she was always second to her mother-in-law.

The former police officer from NSW is actually called Connie, however, goes by Coco, and lives a regimented lifestyle of health and fitness.

Stedman is looking for someone who understands her routines and has previously chosen career over relationships because “your job is never going to wake up and tell you
it doesn’t love you anymore”.

The 30-year-old has a tendency to date younger men and is looking for someone between 25 and 35 with a great sense of humour.

Instagram @peaceloveandcoco

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