Big Brother’s Casey is the Brash Country Girl Willing to Give Anything a Go

Big Brother

Casey Mazzucchelli has been getting some serious screen-time on Big Brother, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten to know her very well.

The 25-year-old from Perth is a self-described “bogan” and went into the house, ready to give Big Brother a “red-hot crack”.

She’s a free spirit who is creative, clumsy and self-deprecating and grew up in Kalgoorlie, which gave her a country mindset.

The accounts administrator is respectful and open-minded and holds a diploma in youth work, hoping to work with kids someday soon.

She’s extremely close to her family and says her sisters are also her best friends.

If those closest to Mazzucchelli would describe her, they’d says she was annoying, hyperactive and has some serious chaotic energy.


Her biggest pet peeves include those who are fake or closed-minded, especially when it comes to the environment.

While she never means anything to come across as rude, she does have a brash personality which can rub people the wrong way.

Overall, Mazzucchelli is easy going and doesn’t want to ruffle too many feathers.

If she were to win the cool $250k, she would like to invest some money and then treat herself to a holiday.

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