Meet Cameron the ‘MAFS’ Groom Who Tends to Put Work Before Women

cameron mafs

32-year-old Cameron Dunne may be covered in tattoos, but the crane operator from Victoria insists he is just a teddy bear who is a little misunderstood. 

The Married at First Sight groom admits that he tends to put work before women, which could explain why he’s been single for the past two years, but he’s hopeful that the MAFS experts will be able to find him a woman he can’t wait to come home to each night. 

Hardworking and thoughtful, Cameron would love to start a family with the right person but has found that he is often friendzoned when trying to form a connection. Adding to that, Cameron carries a fair few trust issues, having been cheated on in the past, and has a tendency to self sabotage as a result. 

Cameron is someone who can close down emotionally if he has a lot on his mind or needs to work through an issue, and can take awhile to form an emotional bond which could prove frustrating to his partner. He is also quite regimented in his ways and might not respond too well to someone who is overly spontaneous or disorganised. 

The former mine worker says that he feels financially ready to start a family and share his life with someone, so hopefully the right woman for him walks down that aisle!

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