Who Is Bushranger on ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia?

The Masked Singer

For the past four weeks, our Mondays and Tuesdays have been spent dissecting clues on The Masked Singer.

Finally, we have a WINNER — Bushranger!

When it comes to the sparkly, “tin-hatted” bushranger, the clues have certainly been mystifying, however, there’s one person who managed to make them all make sense — former Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson.

Let’s look back on some of the clues and why they all pointed to Anderson!


Clue 1: “I was a pioneer, the first of my kind. But others followed in my path and more will come in the future.”

Anderson won Australia’s Got Talent in its premiere season in 2007.

Clue 2: “I was for a while part of the Kelly gang, now I’m on my own.” 

When she played Bea Nilsson on Neighbours, her character dated both Ned Willis and Finn Kelly. Ned Kelly.

Clue 3: “I’m not afraid to take the gloves off… and get my hands a little dirty”, “I’m a fighter from a family of fighters. In fact, I became famous punching above my weight”, “From an early age, I was taught how to take the knocks and come back strong. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, especially when they have a tin lid like this.” 

Anderson’s father is a boxer and her Godfather was legendary professional boxer Lionel Rose.

Clue 4: “I’m proud to walk in my family’s footsteps. My clan is strong and my mum is dedicated to her roots.” and “I’m a country girl at heart. At home in paddocks and barns.”

Anderson’s mother’s side is Scottish and her Granny even tried to teach her Scottish country dancing.  Her name is also Bonnie after “wee Bonnie lass”

Clue 5: “I’m a dreamer. But you achieve your dreams through hard work, even if it makes you sweat. Being rewarded for hard work is justice, and not many Bushrangers talk about justice. 

Anderson performed and released a cover of Gonna Make You Sweat with Justice Crew and she also lied to police in 2017 to protect her drug addict ex-boyfriend.

Clue 6: “I am the voice behind one of the most famous sounds in Australia.”

In March 2020, the Neighbours theme song had an upgrade and Anderson now performs it.

Clue 7: “Dylan Alcott is pretty tough, so it might be no surprise that he and I once went head-to-head and I came off second best.”

Dylan Alcott won the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the 2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards, beating out Anderson.

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