Meet Brett — The Electrician and Psychology Student from ‘MAFS’ Australia

MAFS Brett

Married at First Sight groom, Brett Helling, is an electrician by trade and a budding psychology student.

A man with a heart of gold, the 31-year-old from Victoria volunteers with the Salvation Army and dreams to open a treatment centre to help those in need.

Helling is looking for naturally beautiful, funny, laidback girl to spend his life with and offers some pretty good skills in the kitchen. In fact, after a chance meeting with Hells Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay, he has a go-to meal for a first date.

With a good sense of fun, Helling also makes amusing videos called Little Bretty Cooks, but when he’s not in the kitchen, you can bet he’ll be out surfing or skating with his mates.

According to his official bio, all of Helling’s friend’s all have kids and partners and this is something he sees for himself as family is very important to him.

MAFS Brett

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