Meet Beth — The MAFS Bride Who Is Struggling to Find the “One”


Married at First Sight bride, Beth Moore is closing in on 40 and has always wanted children.

Thinking she may not have “enough time left”, the 39-year-old retail worker is feeling the pressure to meet someone to have a baby with, so decided to go on MAFS.

Moore is looking for someone who wants a family and is committed to being in a dedicated relationship.

She’s struggled in the past after a nine-year relationship with her ex broke down and she withdrew, causing her to be single ever since.

With a funny and silly side, Moore wants to meet someone who she can laugh with and “take the piss out of. Her ideal man is a down-to-earth, passionate man and if he looks like Mick Fanning, then even better!

A deep thinker, Moore has a graduate diploma in psychology and according to her LinkedIn, is a graduate of Murdoch University.

“I am passionate about providing optimal care to all members of society, with a special interest in the fields of A.O.D, eating disorders and trauma care,” her profile reads.

She is a sensitive free spirit with a big heart and is ultimately looking to find “the one”.

Follow her on Instagram here.

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