Meet Bec Cvilikas — ‘The Bachelor’s’ Final Intruder

The Bachelor

Even though Locky Gilbert is sending home not one but five girls on The Bachelor, it doesn’t mean that Network Ten don’t have someone else up their sleeve.

Enter Bec Cvilikas, a brand new Bachelorette, set to stir things up in the Bachelor mansion.

While it may be obvious who our front-runners are (ahem Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis), don’t think for one second that this intruder will not make a very big impact on Gilbert.

Photographs released by the Daily Mail, show Cvilikas in the final five alongside Srbinovska, Varelis, Izzy Sharman-Firth and Kaitlyn Hoppe.

The Bachelor

There’s not much we know about the final woman to enter Gilbert’s journey, however, her Instagram bio (which is currently on private at the time of publication) says she is from Sydney, although her Facebook says she grew up on the Sunshine Coast.

We do know that she has had a YouTube channel since 2013, however, it has no content.

The mysterious bachelorette will arrive in an upcoming episode of the series.

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