The Bachelorette’s Adrian Baena Lives Life With No Regrets

The Bachelorette

Hailing from Sydney’s Campbelltown, The Bachelorette’s Adrian Baena chooses to live life with no regrets.

When it comes to love, he just can’t get enough of the “beautiful warm feeling” and although it has led to heartbreak, he still grabs it with both hands.

The 26-year-old kitesurfer loves to travel, considering himself a modern-day nomad, and has travelled solo and lived in Egypt and South Africa.

Always on the lookout for an adventure, The Bachelorette is no exception, however, he “wasn’t really a fan” of the series before being cast.

“I had never watched the show, but when I got the call-up I started watching the series and it’s actually a really cool show. Now I love the show,” he said in an interview with the Advertiser. Ok then.

For Baena, who opted to wear a steampunk hat as part of his ensemble on the red carpet, expressing yourself through clothing is just another way of showing who you are.



“I’m confident, I’m funny, I’m different and yeah, I love that hat,” he said during the interview.

Now that the series has wrapped, Baena has no regrets and loved “everything about the experience”. Like any good Bachie contestant, he is even now “besties” with all the boys.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel very blessed to have done it,” he said.

According to his official Network Ten bio, Baena’s proudest achievement was establishing his own business, which coincides with the three words he uses to describe himself. Dedicated, ambitious and caring.

He’s looking for someone with a great smile, huge heart and plenty of passion and since both our bachelorette’s Elly and Becky Miles have them in spades, we bet he might even go pretty far with either one of them.

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