The Bachelorette’s Elly Miles Chose Frazer Neate During the Finale

The Bachelorette

In The Bachelorette world, even if you know someone from the “outside”, it doesn’t mean you’re a sure-fire bet and unfortunately, that was the case for Joe Woodbury.

Choosing Frazer Neate during the finale, Elly Miles had finally found the bloke of her dreams.

From the get-go, Neate had been a serious front-runner with fans due to his down-to-earth nature, rugged good looks and piercing eyes so it’s no wonder that the 28-year-old caught the attention of Miles.

The Queenslander made an instantaneous connection with our first Bachelorette, prompting her to tell the cameras after their first meeting: “Frazer… he is gorgeous! Physically, hello Christmas!”

Then, his response as to why he signed up to the show was a dead give-away that he might just be setting sail on the Elly love-boat…

“I want to find love. At the end of the day, I’m sure everyone here is. This is sort of a new challenge, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes out of the opportunity,” he told her.

Neate’s “wifey” edit also seems to point to a win with winners music, grand dates and even an understated entrance, which are all tell-tale signs.

Rumours also began swirling during finale week that Neate and Miles would sneak away during cocktail parties for a sneaky pash — so it’s clear that there is some serious passion already there.

Unfortunately, Neate did tell New Idea that he didn’t spend as much time as he would have liked with the 25-year-old, so even if they are together, don’t expect him to pop the question any time soon.

Congratulations Frazer and Elly!

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