Will The Bachelorette’s Becky Choose Pete to Be Her Leading Man(n)?

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette’s Becky Miles will be one happy “little beckymite” once she chooses her leading man in the finale on November 5.

Tasked with deciding between Pete Mann, 34, and Adrian Baena, 30 — after sending Adam Todd home on Wednesday — she will decide the fate of her top two in the series final.

While Baena has shown us a different side to him over the past few weeks, if our spidey senses are correct, it’s Mann she’ll choose in the finale of series.

Despite living in different states, Mann was an early favourite to win Miles’ heart, even being backed by TAB and Sportsbet.

The pair were able to share two dates during the season, including a single Harbour Bridge Climb and a double boating date with Elly and Frazer Neate. He not only managed to get a few cheeky kisses but returned to the mansion with a rose on each of his dates.

Their final solo outing was the hometowns and even though the pair weren’t able to make the trip to Mann’s city of Adelaide, the two were relaxed when they chatted to some of his nearest and dearest via video conference.

In an interview with POPSUGAR before the finale, Becky said that she was “really happy” with her chosen person.

“I’m just really excited to do normal life and just to spend more time with the fella,” she said. “I wouldn’t say I’m in love but I think we’re both just on the next chapters of this whole journey.”

So, is it with Mann? We’re willing to bet on it.

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