Farmer Wants a Wife: the Finale Brought Tearful Goodbyes and Three Happy Farmers

There you have it folks, another whirlwind season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

This season, we had five of the most eligible farmers to date, all of whom were ready, willing and open to finding their life partner.

While Farmer Benjamin had to end his journey for love due to the death of his grandma and his own health struggle, and Farmer Paige chose to leave the show after not getting clear signs of interest from her men, we were still left with three farmers on the noble quest for love.

Farmer Harry, Farmer Will and Farmer Ben each found the woman of their dreams on tonight’s finale episode. We’re here to break it down for you.

Farmer Harry and Tess

Farmer Harry, the youngest farmer of the season, was left with Tess and Bronte as his final women.

With Bronte, Farmer Harry was afraid that their age difference (she’s 27, he’s 23) would mean their values didn’t align — Bronte expressed being ready to start a family, while Farmer Harry felt as though he still has a little more growing and exploring to do.

Meanwhile with Tess — who is finishing up her studies in Brisbane — Farmer Harry was grappling with the idea of trying out long distance if he were to choose her in the end.

Ultimately, Farmer Harry chose Tess; who he’s had a strong connection with from the beginning. Having an instant spark and acting like giggly teenagers every moment they spend around each other, Farmer Harry and Tess have decided to give long distance a go, and see if they can grow their connection across states.

Farmer Ben and Leish

Farmer Ben, a dairy farmer and dedicated father, had a tough choice with his final two ladies; Kiani and Leish.

While Leish and Farmer Ben had a connection before filming even started, with Ben admitting that seeing Leish in the online applications was a “stand out” moment for him, latecomer Kiani threw a bit of a spanner in the works; offering Ben the ease, comfort and support he craves from a life partner.

Ultimately, Farmer Ben chose Leish — because was he ever going to choose anyone else? Their connection has been apparent from the start, with Farmer Ben saying they “just get where each other are at”, and we all know that sometimes, those feelings don’t make sense; but they’re right.

Farmer Will and Jess

Farmer Will, the mumma’s boy of the season, was left with two gorgeous girls in Madi and Jess.

With Madi, Farmer Will knew that she’d make a perfect farmer’s wife, being a super calming and supportive presence, and ready to move to the farm “in a heartbeat”. Jess, on the other hand, was harder to rationalise, however their connection was electric and present since the moment they went on their first date.

Farmer Will was worried that Jess wouldn’t be ready to make the move to the farm and leave her family behind, with her already having suffered some homesickness throughout the filming of the show. With Madi, he knew she was all in from day one.

Ultimately, Farmer Will chose Jess. Their connection is a perfect combination of fun and serious, and although she held back her feelings for a lot of the season, she really opened up in tonight’s episode — which encouraged Farmer Will that their relationship has a bright future.


After a wild season of ups and downs, we hope that each farmer has chosen the right person to spend their life with.

We also secretly hope that Farmer Benjamin kept in touch with his ladies and continued his love story.

I guess we’ll find out in tomorrow’s reunion episode!

Tune into the Farmer Wants a Wife tomorrow night at 7.30pm, only on 7 and 7plus.

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