Farmer Nick Onassis Chooses Liz Jelléy on Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife

Perhaps the most controversial of the farmers, Farmer Nick Onassis, was looking for someone to share his love of wine, and his family’s vineyard.

During the penultimate episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, Onassis chose Liz Jelléy — a Queensland marriage celebrant to continue into a relationship with.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there were zero feelings between any of them (or any chairs at his place of residence), however, since he had to choose, he chose Jelléy.

It was a fiery ride for Onassis, who had the task of choosing between both the 35-year-old and Naomi Carter, a 38-year-old Organisational Change Manager from Sydney because Carter wasn’t going to let him get away with anything that easy.

Even though she didn’t have a one-on-one date with the farmer the entire season, she thought she was a shoo-in.

But alas, in the end, Onassis followed his heart, choosing Jelléy instead.

“We’ve gotten really close this past month. It’s been really great getting to know you,” Onassis told her. “It’s a really easy thing, you and I. Right? I look forward to seeing you all the time. It’s like seeing an old friend.” Ouch.

If you thought that was bad, keep reading.

“I didn’t come into this situation looking for a friend but I feel like that’s what I got. That’s something I was worried about. We’re the same person and sometimes that can’t work in a relationship.

“Friendship is not something you often bandy about when you’re talking about a loving relationship,” he added. Jelléy, a marriage celebrant, told him that she marries a lot of people and “one does not exclude the other”.

Luckily (we think) for her, he actually had chosen her to be his “potential life-mate”.

“I love that you love my terrible jokes and you have the same awful jokes, which I love,” he told her.

“You are also a very caring person too. You’re amazing. I mean, you really are like a beautiful, beautiful angel and I want to be more than friends.” Well, then.

Congratulations to Farmer Nick and Liz (we think)!

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