Farmer Neil Seaman Chooses Justine Adams on Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife

Out of all of the farmers on Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Neil Seaman had the most to riding on his decision.

Already a father-of-three to Molly, 18, James, 16 and Josie, 14, Seaman has already loved and lost twice in his life.

But on Farmer Wants a Wife’s penultimate episode, the 43-year-old merino sheep farmer from Crookwell, New South Wales, laid his heart on the line again and chose 36-year-old eyelash technician, Justine Adams to pursue a relationship with.

Tasked with choosing between Adams and Karissa Godfrey, at the end of the day, it all came down to the “spark” that he had been searching for.

During the episode, Seaman said his feelings for Adams were “a real a feeling he had ever had”.

Adams explained that she didn’t think she would want to still be there in the end, but after Seaman began to give her attention and affection, things changed.

The only blip in their romance was the fact that she also had young children, and both could not just pack their bags and uproot their lives for one another.

However, love prevailed and in the end, Seaman chose her.

“It’s just a massive weight off your shoulders to fully concentrate on that one person,” he said in a cutaway voiceover.

“Justine, you intrigued me from the very start. I’ve wanted to see more smiles, more sideways glances,” he told her, before reminiscing about their lawn bowls date.

“I would have happily walked away with you that day,” he said.

“I’ve learned a lot on this adventure. I’ve learnt the absolute need for honesty, the value of forgiveness, the importance of patience and the absolute power of the spark.

Jusi, I loved that we both feel it. I love that we both tried to contain it. I loved that neither of us could. And I love that we don’t need to anymore. If you’re OK to stay on this wild ride a little bit longer, I’d love to keep seeing you.” How romantic!

Congratulations Neil and Justine!

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