Farmer Wants a Wife’s Farmer Harry Chooses Stacey to Be His, Uh, Girlfriend

Farmer Wants a Wife

After one long month, Farmer Harry Robertson, the 29-year-old grape and cotton farmer from Goolgowi, New South Wales, has chosen Stacey Cain to be his girlfriend on Farmer Wants a Wife, Australia.

In the second-last episode of the series, Robertson was tasked with deciding between his final two ladies — Cain and Madison MacKenzie — but ultimately chose the woman who his three sisters had said had “bedazzled” him.

“She’s calming… our husbands are the opposite of us and it’s so nice, maybe you need that too,” his sister Jessica said after the meeting.

During their final chat (which you’d be forgiven for squirming through), Robertson admitted that the pair had hit it off from the very start.

“I knew it every moment being with you and I sort of love that you love the farm as much as me,” he said, although “this was the hardest decision he had ever had been involved in”.

“I’m just trying to work out my confused head,” he said.

Forever the stoic one, Cain told him that the decision was his to make alone and it honestly seemed like all hope was lost.

After a brief interlude, and watching Robertson dumping Mackenzie, Farmer Harry told Cain that she was the one for him.

“I think we’ve got something pretty special,” before adding, “My decision is, that I want you…on my farm. I choose you.”

Cue Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and kisses and hugs all around. (Yeh, we teared up a little too.) It was incredibly heartwarming.

“I think our story has written itself really. I’ve just been pretty lucky,” Robertson said.

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