The Amazing Race’s Sky-Blue and Jake Are Hoping to Inspire People to Never Give Up

Like many of us, Sky-Blue can be be prone to bouts of “hangriness” — which can lead to a squabble or two with her brother, and teammate on The Amazing Race, Jake. 

Other than that, the siblings are the best of friends who have travelled extensively together and hope to prove to Australia that they can do anything. 

Sky-Blue, who was born without a left-hand, is used to being underestimated, but she is equally used to proving people wrong. Meanwhile, at a stoic 6’5, Jake is hoping that his height will come in just as handy as his can-do attitude. 

Self-described stubborn competitor Sky-Blue says that she has heard the word ‘no’ too many times to count in her life but is never afraid of a challenge and will always get back up due to being a determined individual with a positive outlook on life. 

For this brother and sister team from Victoria, are set on taking home the grand prize and having a ton of fun and smashing some stereotypes in the meantime. 

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