‘The Amazing Race’s Dwes and Katherine are Proud First Nations People and Are Back in the Game

Amazing Race

Cousins Dwes and Katherine were eliminated in the first episode of The Amazing Race after arriving last at the first pit stop, but the team from The Kimberley’s are back in the game after twin models Alex and Jack had to depart for personal reasons. 

Speaking to NITV after their apparent elimination Dwes said, “I think it’s always very important for Aborginal people to be seen and heard, and I think for us to go on this show was truly something that other people can aspire to do.” 

Both Dwes and Katherine are proud of their First Nations heritage and hope to be positive role models for their communities. 

The pair are already well on their way to making a lasting impact where it matters — with mum-of-one Katherine, an AFLW player, who encourages women in her community to dream big. She cites being a single mother as the greatest challenge as she strives to build a wonderful life for her child. 

Dwes, who is openly gay, is proud of who he is and is unapolagetically himself. His confidence and strategizing skills are his greatest strengths and he believes the other teams will underestimate him and Katherine due to their infectious smiles. 

Make no mistake though, these cousins are a “deadly” team and, now they are back in the game they will be doing everything in their power to stay in it. 

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