The Block’s Daniel and Jade Are Hoping to Change Their Family’s Future

The Block

Daniel and Jade, own a farm 250kms north of Adelaide — and this is their fourth attempt to get on The Block.

The couple, who own two farms, have been experiencing devastating drought since 2016 and last Christmas, they were dealt another devastating blow — when they lost one of their entire farm in the bushfires.

“We have fared a lot better than some others,” Daniel said in his introduction interview. “Although our margins are way down from where they should be to successfully run a good business. We are very close to a million dollars in debt.”

They also have three young children, Lincoln, 9, Hayden, 7, and Isla, 6 and hope that this experience will change the future for their family.

The main reason the couple applied for The Block was because of Isla. She is one of only eight children in the world identified with a rare chromosome disorder that affects her speech and physical ability. They’re hoping a win will aid them in giving her the care she needs.

Daniel is a carpenter by trade (a second-generation “chippy”) and Jade, a hairdresser — but don’t be fooled, she is a very visual person when it comes to design and hopes to nail it during their renovation.

For 35-year-old Daniel, being a farmer is everything to him and he feels more at home on the land than in the city. To make ends meet, he’s been working in Port Piri on the wharf and also works as a builder during the day.

Jade, 34, works part-time as a hairdresser, while also looking after their kids

She didn’t have to do much research for the show, because she has been a fan for years.

“I figure it’s like when you have an idea in your head about what dress you want to buy for a wedding, or what pair of shoes you want. You go into that with preconceived images — and it never turns out,” she said in her introduction interview.

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