‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ 2023: Which Couples Are Still Together?

The Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Finale is upon us.

For the first time ever on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia, all five of our farmers found love. It all began with Farmer Andrew, when he realised mid-season that he was falling in love with Claire, sent the remaining girls home, and quit the show. Then, our four remaining farmers all found love in the epic two-part Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 finale. Now, it’s time for the reunion, where we’ll find out the answer to the question on all of our minds: Which Farmer Wants a Wife couples are still together?

This season, we’ve been following  Farmer BradFarmer DavidFarmer BrentonFarmer Matt and Farmer Andrew on their quest for everlasting love.

Recently, Farmer Wants a Wife hasn’t had the best track record for everlasting love stories. But this year, Channel 7 assured us that every farmer would find love. But of course, finding love is one thing. Remaining in love is another. Here’s everything we know so far.

Which Couples From Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Are Still Together?

Farmer Brenton and Sophie

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Finale: Farmer Brenton and Sophie

It was Sophie who won Farmer Brenton’s heart, and in the finale, the farmer declared his feelings for the country-born girl.

“Soph, I’ve never felt like this with anyone,” he began. “I can’t wait to take you back to the farm.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, Soph,” he declared. “I think I’m falling in love with you. That’s all I can say!”

Farmer Brenton was very excited to begin his life with Sophie on the farm, but are the couple still together?

As it turns out, yes!

Although Farmer Brenton had struggled in choosing between Sophie and Rachel, Sophie was very sure of her feeling for Brenton very early on.

“I mean, look at him!” she exclaimed at the reunion, as the happy couple held hands.

“As soon as I got back to the farm… I just wanted it to be us forever,” she recalled. “It was really crazy to feel that so early on, because we still had a lot of things to go through, but my heart was set on him from the get go.”

Since filming on the show wrapped, the happy couple made the trip up to Sophie’s hometown in Brisbane. There, they packed as much of her life as they could into the car, before roadtripping back to Farmer Brenton’s farm in Darriman, Victoria.

Now the couple are living together, and they couldn’t be happier.

“It just feels so right, and so natural,” Sophie said. “Coming on Farmer Wants a Wife was the best thing… I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

“We haven’t spent a day apart,” Farmer Brenton added. “It’s been great… it’s nice to be in love.”

Status: Together!

Farmer Brad and Clare

Farmer Brad and Clare

In the finale, Farmer Brad and Clare declared their love for one another.

“I feel as though we just want the same things in life, where we’re cut from the same cloth,” Farmer Brad began. “We want to have a family, and to get married, and, you know, to raise a family on the farm.”

He continued: “I’m falling in love with you, and I’m very excited about what the future has in store for us. So if you wanna give this a go, and give this crazy world a try, I’d love to see where we can end up.”

Clare laughed through happy tears. “I have fallen so in love with you Brad,” she said.

But are the couple still together? As of the reunion, yes!

Farmer Brad and Clare have been in a long distance relationship since filming wrapped, but with their relationship going strong, Clare is now making plans to move to Cootamundra to be with Brad.

Not only that, but Clare will be bringing her many horses and dogs (all seven of them!) along for the move.

“I want to be married and I want kids, and to do that with Clare feels right,” Farmer Brad said. “It’s crazy to think that this experience has worked… it’s very exciting.”

Status: Together!

Farmer David and Emily

Emily and Farmer David, Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Finale
Emily and Farmer David. Credit: Seven

In the finale, it had come down to Emily and Lorelei, and Farmer David didn’t have an easy time making his final decision.

“I’m faced with the situation where I can see a pretty happy future with both the girls,” he said.

However, in the end, Farmer David realised that his heart belonged with Emily, and so far, things are going well for the happy couple. In fact, Emily has moved to the farm to be with David!

“It just feels right,” Emily said, of the decision to move to the farm. “You know, you always hope you find something like this.

“This is the new normal now,” she continued with a smile, “and yeah… it’s pretty amazing.”

Farmer David agreed, saying, “We’re definitely feeling pretty excited about where it’s all going”.

“I’m very excited to do life with David,” Emily said. “I’m very much in love with him, and I just can’t wait to see where it all ends up!”

Status: Together!

Farmer Matt and Olivia

Olivia and Farmer Matt, Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 Finale
Olivia and Farmer Matt. Credit: Seven

In the finale, Farmer Matt chose Olivia, despite her hesitation to immediately move to the farm to be with him.

“If we had to do it long distance, I think that would definitely put a big strain on the relationship,” he said.

After mulling it over, though, Farmer Matt realised his feeling for Olivia were too strong to be denied.

“I think I’ve known for a while that I have fallen in love with you, and I’m really glad I finally get to say it,” he told her.

At the reunion, Farmer Matt revealed that since filming on Farmer Wants a Wife wrapped, he’s been offered a job at the Department of Agriculture in Canberra.

“It does seem like a bit of a shock,” Matt acknowledged, “and in a couple of weeks I’m heading to Canberra and starting off work in the Department of Ag, and it’s a bit of a move and a bit of a change away from farming, and I guess it’s a bit different.”

As for Olivia, she said that she didn’t like “spending time away from Matt”, so she was realising that a long distance relationship would only last for so long. Right now, she’s in the process of tying up loose ends in Wollongong. From there, she’ll move to Canberra to be with Matt.

Grinning, she added that it was a “happy ending” for the couple.

“It’s been a long search but I’m glad I finally found her,” Farmer Matt said.

“I’m glad too,” Olivia smiled.

Status: Together!

Farmer Andrew and Claire

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023: Farmer Andrew (R) has found love with Claire (L).

Farmer Andrew cut his journey on the show short, when he realised that he was quickly falling for Claire.

He sent his remaining ladies home, told Claire how he felt, and thankfully, the feeling was mutual!

“Claire, I’m falling in love with you,” he said, as Claire laughed, overwhelmed with emotion.

“I’m not laughing at you,” she clarified. “I’m just — I’m very happy, obviously!”

He and Claire shared a kiss, and agreed to give their romance a shot in the real world, away from the lights and cameras of it all.

So how have things progressed for the couple in the real world? Well, Claire stayed on the farm with Andrew, which he said was “important” for them. It gave them an opportunity to learn more about one another.

Since then, they’ve travelled around a bit, visiting one another’s families, testing their compatibility in the real world. Now, Claire is officially moving to Narromine, New South Wales to be with Farmer Andrew.

Joined by Claire at the reunion, Farmer Andrew said: “The way it’s played out…  you couldn’t have told me this would be the result… we’re heading in the right direction. There’s no doubt.”

“I’ve never felt so comfortable,” Claire said. “I thought what I wanted was outrageously out of reach — turns out it’s not, so [that’s] good!”

Now, the couple are looking forward to the future, and they’re taking each day as it comes.

“I just think that things can only get better for us, and yeah, I couldn’t be happier,” Claire said. “You’re my favourite person, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Status: Together!

Farmer Wants a Wife has officially wrapped up for 2023. Missed an episode? Catch up on 7Plus now.

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