Farmer Sam Quits ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ After His Grandfather Dies

Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Sam Reitano has quit Farmer Wants a Wife Australia after he received the news that his grandfather had passed away suddenly.

“I know that we all came here to find love, I thought I could get through this, but I can’t,” he told his final three.

“Right now, I need to attend to my family back home and I’m going to have to call it quits. I have to end this right now for myself.”

Reitano later admitted that he didn’t want it to end like this, however, he was happy to be going back home to his family

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the 28-year-old tropical fruit farmer who was first told by Kristen that she didn’t have a connection with him.

Then, just last week was told by one of his ladies, Emily Rath, that she also didn’t have “romantic feelings” for him.

“I am a little bit nervous because I don’t think how I currently feel is what Sam thinks I feel, and I am worried about hurting his feelings,” Rath said ahead of their chat. “But I think it needs to be said.”

Rath then told Reitano that she couldn’t see her feelings “developing more in a romantic sense” who said he was “quite heartbroken”.

“Since the moment I met you, I thought, “Oh, man. I can see my future with her already.” Since day one, you’ve been my favourite,” he told her.

“I thought she was somebody I might marry one day. I just didn’t see it coming. I guess I just read her signals wrong,” he said afterwards.

Rath decided to leave the farm, shortly after he received the news about his grandfather.

We hope that all parties, including the final women, Sophie and Riley, find the love they’re looking for.

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