‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Reunion 2022: Which Couples Are Still Together?

are farmer will and jess still together

Farmer Wants a Wife has come to an end for 2022, and what a season it was. We saw sparks fly, real love blossom, and now, it’s time to check in with the farmers to see how things have been going since the cameras stopped rolling.

That’s right, it’s Farmer Wants a Wife reunion time, and while nothing could possibly top the end of last year’s season in terms of scandal, it was anything but boring.

Not present for the taping of the reunion episode was Farmer Benjamin, who left the series abruptly, after the death of his grandmother triggered a health emergency of his own.

However, host Natalie Gruzlewski welcomed the four remaining farmers — including Farmer Paige, who ended up sending all her potential suitors home — back to The Convent in Hunter Valley, NSW, to see where they were all at in the love department.

Here’s what we learned.

Farmer Ben and Leish

are farmer ben and leish still together?

When Farmer Ben first joined the series, he had “a huge hole in [his] life that needed filling”, and when the finale aired last night, it seemed that he’d found love with Leish.

“Leish definitely caught my eye from the word ‘go’,” Farmer Ben said. “I’m a true believer in love at first sight, I fall very hard and fast, and I think that’s what I did, early days.”

While their connection was undeniable, Leish voiced concerns about the idea of moving from Brisbane to the farm, which caused complications for the lovebirds, especially after Sam Armytage brought Kiani into the picture.

While Farmer Ben and Kiani did hit it off, his connection with Leish was too strong to be rivalled, and he chose her during the finale.

“Leish, I’ve fallen madly in love with you, and I’d love for you to run away with me and start this next chapter of our lives together,” he said at the time. But where do the pair stand now?

“We obviously knew that we were agreeing to a long-distance relationship,” Farmer Ben said. “I’ve done a couple of trips to Brisbane and Leish has spent some time on the farm as well.”

It hasn’t, however, been entirely smooth sailing, with Farmer Ben noting that there have been “challenges” along the way.

“I think the biggest challenge was, I did have to be honest with Leish about the fact that I was kissing Kiani the day before I told her I loved her,” he shared.

The revelation, he said, “put her mind in a bit of a spin” and left her questioning their bond as a couple.

However, the couple managed to overcome this hurdle, and as of the time of filming, were still together.

“I can tell you that we are still very much together, and we very much are in love,” Farmer Ben said. “This is what I came on Farmer Wants a Wife for, and I’ve found love and I couldn’t be more happy.”

“Meeting Ben’s daughter was really good; we had a connection from the start,” Leish said. “Just fitting into his life and his family has been effortless.”

She continued: “Long distance is always gonna have its challenges, but I think we can get through it because I feel our love is strong enough.”

Now, Leish has been looking at jobs near the farm, and is working on tying up loose ends in Brisbane in anticipation of the big move to be with Farmer Ben.

Relationship status: Together

Farmer Benjamin

While Farmer Benjamin did not complete his search for love, nor did he appear in the reunion episode, host Natalie Gruzlewski did give us an update on him

“Now as you know, our lovely Farmer Benjamin wasn’t able to finish his search for love,” she began. “He had a lot going on during the series. His grandmother passed away, and then he had a health issue of his own and sadly had to say goodbye to his ladies.

“The good news is, he is getting better, and he is getting his health back on track,” Gruzlewski shared.

As for his journey to love, Farmer Harry has high hopes for Farmer Benjamin in the future.

Asked if he thinks Farmer Benjamin will find love in the future, Harry replied: “How could he not? After this, oh my God, he’s a catch! He’s definitely looking for love, and I think it’s only a matter of time before he finds it, in all honesty.”

Relationship status: Single and on the mend

Farmer Harry and Tess

farmer harry and tess fwaw still together

From the moment Farmer Harry first laid eyes on Tess, he thought “she was the prettiest girl [he’d] ever seen”, and the two hit it off almost immediately.

When Sam Armytage brought her picks to the farm though, she threw a Bronte-shaped spanner in the works for Farmer Harry and Tess’ love story, as there was undeniable chemistry between the 23-year-old farmer and the latecomer contestant.

With Bronte ready to move to the farm immediately, and Tess saying that she’d need at least a year of long-distance to finish her studies before she could commit to the move, things got complicated, quickly.

Still, in the end, Farmer Harry couldn’t deny his love for Tess, saying in the finale: “If I’m honest, Tess, I’m in love with you, and I wanna be with you”.

Tess said that she was falling in love with him too, and it seemed the pair got their happily ever after. Or did they?

In the reunion: Farmer Harry revealed that the couple “have been doing long distance”, but that it’s definitely been “difficult” and made him “a little bit anxious” thus far.

“Right now, I’ve been doing all the compromising, and I hope in the future she’ll compromise for me,” he said, adding that the distance “sucks, because it didn’t quite align with what I was thinking.”

Still, the couple is together, and making a go of things.

“I still call her up every day, call her up on the tractor or something,” he said. “We do what we can and then we catch up on the weekends when we can.”

While things have been “challenging”, Harry said that when Tess crosses his mind, it makes him smile, and “brightens up [his] day”.

When Tess joined Farmer Harry on the couch, Harry revealed that rather than Tess moving to the farm immediately, he’ll be taking “a cheeky gap year from the farm” and joining Tess on the Gold Coast.

“I’m pretty happy with where we’re at,” Harry said. “Really happy, actually. Can’t keep the smile off me face when I’m hanging out with Tess.”

“For him to make that decision and commit to it has been huge,” Tess said. “I do really love him for being so willing to move for me. I know that Harry’s making compromises for me right now, so I’m more than willing to do that in the future, because I do really love him.”

Relationship status: Together

Farmer Paige

As we saw, Farmer Paige struggled to find a man who she connected with this season. Despite having a strong connection with Dylan at the beginning of their journey, “it just didn’t keep growing”, so Farmer Paige eventually bid her final two suitors goodbye.

Then, Sam’s Picks, aka Cody and Ayden, came along, and Farmer Paige found herself with a second chance at love.

After some initial sparks, Farmer Paige found herself back at square one, with no real love connections forming. She chose not to go ahead with either man, ending her journey before the finale.

“I came here looking for love, and I felt ready then,” Paige said. “But what I’ve learned about myself, and what I need, I think I’m more ready now than I even knew I was to start with.”

Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle

Farmer Will and Jess

are farmer will and jess still together

It’s no secret by now that Farmer Will was feeling torn between Madi and Jess as they went into the finale.

On the one hand, Madi was ready to pack her bags and move to the farm immediately. On the other, Jess was a little more reserved in her emotions, but the spark between her and Farmer Will was undeniable.

It was a realisation that Farmer Will came to while the couple was on their glamping date, where they “got to spend some real quality, one-on-one time together”.

After declaring his love for Jess in the finale episode, Farmer Will dropped the bombshell: the loved up couple “haven’t spent a day apart”.

“Since the final decision, we’ve really ran with it,” he said, adding that Jess went back to the farm and “hasn’t left yet”.

“I think our relationship is just blossoming as each day goes by,” Jess said.

“We would never have crossed paths if it wasn’t for Farmer Wants a Wife,” Will added, “so yeah, I definitely owe the show a fair bit, I reckon!”

Relationship status: Together

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