‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Reunion 2021: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion

A lot has happened since The Farmer Wants A Wife finale, and after waiting in anticipation, the reunion episode aired and let us know which couples are still together and which ones, sadly, bit the dust.

Farmer WillRobMattSam and Andrew all came on the show in the hopes to find love. Three of them walked away with their dream woman, but two ended up choosing no one.

This is what they’re up to now.

Farmer Will and Jaimee

Channel 7

Okay so, during the reunion episode the pair stated they were still together, but we all know that’s not the case now.

In what is by far the messiest scandal the show has ever seen, former contestant Hayley Love is pregnant with Will’s child.

But during the reunion, which was filmed back in January, Will couldn’t stop gushing over Jaimee.

“The first time I met her she really stood out,” he said.

After the show ended, the two tried to catch up once a week, which was difficult due to the distance.

At the time, Jaimie said she could see herself moving to the farm to be closer to will, but is waiting to see “what the future holds”.

Relationship status: Broken up.

Farmer Rob

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He was engaged for 10 years, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

This is why Farmer Rob took a leap of faith and applied for The Farmer Wants A Wife.

In a surprising turn of events, Rob didn’t end up with anyone, saying it was “really difficult” to deliver the bad news to the ladies vying for his heart.

“It wasn’t comfortable saying goodbye to the ladies, but I was thinking I was doing the right thing,” he said.

“Unfortunately it didn’t happen to me on this journey.”

He said finding love on the show compared to real life is different, and something he wasn’t able to quite get used to.

“Trying to date five women at once is a bizarre concept and something that doesn’t seem to work in the real world.”

Farmer Matt and Tara

Channel 7

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as Farmer Matt spoke about his dad who passed before seeing his son on the show.

As a Farmer Wants A Wife fan, Matt knew his dad was watching from above.

In the end, Matt chose Tara, saying: “There’s no denying that Tara caught my eye straight up.”

“We got along so well.”

While there were plenty of happy moments, Tara did leave halfway through the show, but that was when Matt realised just how much he liked her.

Unfortunately, despite their strong connection, it didn’t end up working out.

“I guess it all comes down to me,” said Matt. “Reality really kicked in and weighed really heavy on me.”

After the show, Matt was not only dealing with the death of his father, but also his grandfather, and being in a committed relationship was proving to be too overwhelming.

Tara supported his decision, and the two are good friends.

“I didn’t want to put that added pressure on him, and he needed that time to deal with everything that was going on,” she said.

Relationship status: Broken up

Farmer Sam

Channel 7

Similar to Rob, Farmer Sam ended up choosing no one despite feeling a strong connection with McKenzie and Alana.

“I felt very privileged to meet these lovely ladies and get to know them,” he said.

But in the end, he only saw them as friends and broke both their hearts during the show.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as Sam revealed he has met someone.

“I ran into this particular someone. One of my mate’s sisters that I went to school with,” he said.

“It’s early days, I’m not rushing into anything.”

He said he’s hoping to settle down soon.


Farmer Andrew and Jess

Channel 7

Farmer Andrew had good news to share, as he revealed he and Jess are still going strong, despite his refusal to move away from the farm.

“Whoever I had to be with, eventually, if you were going to make it work, then moving to the farm would be a big part of it.”

While Jess had her reservations about moving to Delegate, Andrew couldn’t help but fall for her.

“The connection was there from the start and it was pretty strong, I just had to follow my heart,” he said.

Jess had also told Andrew she loved him while on the show, and in the reunion episode, she had some great news to share.

“We’re just going to keep enjoying each others company and see where we go.

“If things keep going the way they’re going, I will definitely be moving to Delegate,” she said.

Once again, she said she has “fallen completely in love with him” and the two agreed that when the time is right, they may decide to get married.

“Maybe I have found the right girl to drop the knee for but that’ll happen when the time’s right,” said Andrew.

Relationship status: Dating

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