Farmer Wants a Wife 2020: Which Couples Are Still Together?

Farmer Wants a Wife

This season of Farmer Wants a Wife has been one for the record books.

We’ve seen a farmer leave, ladies admit they don’t have feelings for their potential mates, a change of heart, long-distance relationships and a few break-ups and that’s all within two months of the show being filmed.

At the end of the farm stays, Farmer Harry chose Stacey, Farmer Nick chose Liz, Farmer Neil chose Justine and Farmer Alex chose Jess.

But after a month, a whole lot had changed.

So, which couples are still together — or were at the time of the Farmer Wants a Wife finale.

Farmer Harry and Stacey

After the show finished filming, farmer Harry Robertson went back to work on his farm in Goolgowi, New South Wales.

Because Stacey Cain, his new lady love, lived in Victoria, the pair struggled with their relationship until Cain surprised Harry with a 2 am visit to his farm.

The pair lived together for a week, before Cain became concerned about their relationship, ultimately pushing Robertson away, resulting in the couple constantly arguing.

Robertson then ultimately decided to end their relationship.

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Nick and Liz

You’d be forgiven for wondering why on earth Nick Onassis ended up with anyone from his season since it was pretty obvious he didn’t have a connection with anyone.

But alas, during the finale, he chose marriage celebrant Liz Jelléy to be his “potential life mate”.

Unfortunately (and just as we suspected), after filming wrapped, Onassis gave the cold shoulder to Jelléy and after a week, barely even responded to messages.

During the finale, Onassis told her that he didn’t think their relationship would go anywhere and ultimately ended it on national television.

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Wants a Wife
Liz Jelley and Farmer Nick Onassis. Channel 7.

Farmer Neil and Justine

Farmer Neil Seaman chose Justine Adams to continue on a love journey with.

The pair, who both have children and live away from one another, have found time to keep up their communication by FaceTime and texting.

A few weeks after filming, Seaman was involved in a car accident and was injured quite badly and Adams dropped everything to be with her man.

While the pair are still struggling with long-distance, it hasn’t put a dampener on their relationship and they are still together.

STATUS: Still together.

Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Sam

After a tumultuous turn on Farmer Wants a Wife, Farmer Sam Reitano found his happily ever after.

Speaking to host Natalie Gruzlewski at the finale, he spoke of his new girlfriend, Kirsten.

“She liked one of my videos that were posted on the show and we got in contact with each other. We started talking and eventually, we met up and went on a couple of dates, she’s met my parents,” he said.

“She’s probably been the best thing that has entered my life at the moment. She’s absolutely amazing.”

Kirsten then came out and told Gruzlewski that it was Reitano’s smile that attracted him to her.

The first month of their relationship was a great start and they’ve had a few great memories so far.

STATUS: Broken Up. Lol.

Farmer Wants a Wife

On August 25, the Daily Mail reported that Reitano had broken up with Kirsten and was now back with a former-girlfriend, Katelen Cunningham.

Not only are they back together, it seems that the pair are now engaged after reuniting in March this year.

Reitano’s Facebook profile has a photo of himself with Cunningham and her son Chayse, while her Instagram account has a ring emoji next to the initials “SLR”.

Farmer Wants a Wife

A photograph of the engaged pair can be found on Cunningham’s Facebook page.

Farmer Wants a Wife
Facebook: Katelen Cunningham

Congratulations to Sam and Katelen!

STATUS: Engaged!

Farmer Alex and Jess

After Henrietta Moore walked out on Farmer Alex Taylor, he chose Jess Wolfe to be in a relationship with.

After a few weeks, it became evident to Taylor that Wolfe was actually more of a mate, and so they broke up.

STATUS: Broken up.

Farmer Wants a Wife

However, in a surprise turn of events….

Farmer Alex and Henrietta

Farmer Alex realised that he just couldn’t shake Henrietta Moore and now they’re together.

“I still felt connected to her and I know like we always said, chemistry is a hard thing to find and that spark. You don’t find it with many people,” Taylor said.

The pair met up after he had broken up with Wolfe, however, they didn’t intend on getting together but “that thing that happens when we’re together” happened.

On October 13, Farmer Alex responded to a comment saying that the couple had broken up “but still remained friends”.

Wow. What a ride.

Farmer Wants a Wife
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