Where to See Spring Flowers In and Around Melbourne

where to see spring flowers melbourne

Melbourne is undeniably stunning year-round, but spring adds an extra layer of enchantment with its vibrant blooms and revitalised landscapes. From the iconic Royal Botanic Gardens to the Fitzroy Gardens and the vibrant Tesselaar Tulip Festival, there are plenty of places to stop and smell the cherry blossoms, so to speak.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply looking to add some colour to your day, these flower-filled destinations deliver just that and more.

where to see spring flowers melbourne
Photo: Visit Melbourne

Where to See Spring Flowers in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Every major city has one, a royal botanic garden. The one in Melbourne is no different. It’s one of the most treasured gardens at the edge of the city. Spend a day following paths down to lakes and blossom beds. There are over 10,000 plant species to discover.

Fitzroy Gardens

Love tulips? You’ve come to the right place. Fitzroy Gardens is known for them and many other popular spring flowers too. Every year, around two million people flock to the gardens for a chance to bask in the sun and explore the landscape of fountains, flower beds, open pastures, and sculptures.

Carlton Gardens

Venture to the northeast edge of the city to find a 19th-century garden, where the famous Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is held every year and has been so since 1995. The Melbourne Museum’s architecture makes for a stunning backdrop.

where to see spring flowers melbourne
Photo: Business Events Geelong

Where to See Spring Flowers Outside Melbourne

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

With views over the Yarra Valley, winding paths to get lost on, and open, sprawling lawns to claim, the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden is worth the drive. The gardens are painted with the colours of 15,000 rhododendrons, 12,000 azaleas, 3,000 camellias and 250,000 daffodils in spring.

Werribeee Park

If you’re a fan of English gardens, Werribee Park is as close as you will get to a Bridgerton experience, at least in Melbourne. The meticulously manicured rose gardens stand out against the massive sandstone buildings in the far distance. Meander through the paths on a sunny day, and you’ll think you’re in England.

where to see spring flowers melbourne
Photo: Bevlea Ross Photography

Where to See Canola Fields in VIC

Melton South and Moorabool

If you drive 30 minutes outside of Melbourne and stick to the west, you’re bound to come by canola fields. They blanket the entire countryside.


This tiny town in the Goulburn Valley is famous for having the largest canola fields in Victoria. If you want to turn it into a weekend trip, explore the towns of Shepparton and Benalla. There are plenty of cafes, homemade pies, and shopping to be done.


Every year during Spring, people flock to the Cornella Canola Walk, a dedicated canola tourism experience, where visitors can walk along a track that puts them right in the sea of yellow. You can even fly your drone over it if you want. Admire the fields from a viewing platform or pop into the cellar door for a tasting with a view.

where to see spring flowers melbourne
Photo: CherryHill Berries and Cherries

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Melbourne

Yarra Valley

Victoria’s largest annual cherry blossom festival is held at CherryHill Orchards in the Yarra Valley. Stroll through 35 hectares of blossoming cherry trees, or if you want something more private, book a posh picnic and sample local produce under the pretty pink trees.

Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens

Apart from azaleas and camellias, this botanic garden is home to rows of cherry blossoms that make for a spectacular backdrop for your photos.

Blue Hills, Silvan

Venture outside Melbourne to Blue Hills Berries and Cherries, a farm open to visitors. Every year, they hold a cherry blossom show and invite visitors to wander through the endless rows or pick a picnic spot. They even have themes and face painting for kids.

where to see spring flowers melbourne

Where to See Jacaranda Trees in Melbourne

University of Melbourne

You don’t have to be a student to appreciate the purple jacaranda trees at the University of Melbourne. Set against a backdrop of Victorian-style buildings, it’s a true fairytale scene.

Edinburgh Gardens

Stroll to the north of Melbourne, and you will come across Edinburgh Gardens. Here, you’ll find locals picnicking under a sky of purple jacarandas when the weather is balmy.


It’s a little-known secret Parkville has the best Jacaranda trees. Wander around Royal Parade and Royal Park to decide for yourself.

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne

Of course, this garden has Jacarandas. Every Royal Botanical Gardens in Australia has them, including Sydney.

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