The Brand New ‘Big Brother Australia’ 2021 House Is An Eco-Warrior’s Dream

Big Brother

Big Brother has a brand-new refurbished house, however, the location for season two remains the same.

While the new Big Brother house is full of twists and surprises, it is still located at Sydney’s North Head and required a massive refurbishment to accommodate additional secret rooms and a new challenge arena, the yard.

However, the best part of the house is its new eco-friendly features which include sustainable plantation timber, rainwater and two living green walls

Allow us to break it down for you:

Energy Consumption

Being 2021, the house is all about sustainability and features sustainable plantation timber and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption — a good tactic since there are cameras working 24/7.

Housemates aren’t even allowed to use hairdryers, however, straighteners and electric shavers are permitted.

Water Usage and the Living Walls

There are also water-saving measures in place, which include shower time limits and toilets flushed with rainwater. Making the house even more eco-friendly, there are also two living green walls —one outside and one inside — with herbs that the housemates can use in the kitchen.

The Underground Tunnel

Big Brother worked with the Harbour Trust to access the underground tunnel system at North Head, which features in his first secret mission. 

Scroll through for a view of the Big Brother house.

The Bedroom

The Boiler Room

The Diary Room

The Living Room

The Outside Space

The Cave

The Living Room

Big Brother Air

The Entrance

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