Peek Inside the Big Brother House Australia 2020


Big Brother Australia 2020 is set to premiere Monday, June 8, on Channel 7 with a new format that will see one housemate evicted every episode.

There have been many questions around the hotly anticipated reality TV show so far, but perhaps none to gather as much curiosity as the Big Brother house, its appearance and its location.

Last May, news broke that the former Big Brother house at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast had burned down after becoming derelict and abandoned following the last series shot there.

According to TV Blackbox, the new series also includes a refresh to the house, including a brand new location, which has now been revealed as Sydney’s North Head Sanctuary, a.k.a The Barracks, which is the same location used by Network Ten’s The Biggest Loser Australia: Couples.

Join us below as we take a look inside each room of the Big Brother house in 2020, plus reveal insider facts about each space and its purpose.

The Lounge Room

The lounge room features a colour palette of cool greys with pops of sky blue, magenta and purple. It’s also is perhaps the focal zone of the BB house, as Channel 7 explained in a press release.

“Big Brother is all through the house and the lounge room is where Housemates feel his presence the most. The giant screen is a porthole into Big Brother’s mind and can also offer Housemates a sneak peek into what he has in store for them next.”

Big Brother house living room


The BB backyard is expansive, with plenty of room for working out, zones for private conversations, and a keyhole window into the pool. The space is easily changed, and viewers can expect a sudden shift in layout to occur regularly.

“Housemates never know what they’re going to see in the backyard when the blinds open. With a pool, garden and outdoor furniture, the backyard is the perfect chillout zone but it can also serve as the location for a surprise House Task or Nomination Challenge.

Big Brother house backyard


Not unlike your regular gym bathroom, the space is wide with plenty of mirrors and towel racks, plus bench seating.

In 2020, “housemates only get 60mins worth of hot water every 24 hours that they must share between them. There are no hairdryers allowed but hair straighteners and electric shavers are OK.”

Big Brother house bathroom

Green room

We must admit we love the abundance of indoor plants in this space. We can’t help but wonder, though, will the housemates be able to keep them alive? Is this a challenge? Only time will tell.

“When Housemates want to take a break from the rest of the house (or sneak away for a secret strategy chat), this lush green room is the ideal zen zone.”

Big Brother house green room


We spot 11 beds, some single and some double, which will make for some interesting sleeping arrangements. We spot minimal cupboard space, too, so things have the potential to get very untidy here.

Here’s what we do know about the bedroom: “Housemates choose their own beds. They are not allowed to sleep during the day. Big Brother controls when the lights are switched on and off. Housemates can enter the house with one suitcase containing their clothing and personal belongings – everything else will be allocated by Big Brother.”

Big Brother house bedroom


Snaps to the interior architects who designed this space; it’s functional, neat and sleek with a huge island bench for conversations and pull-up seating. Pops of green bring nature indoors, and again we spot a few indoor plants here.

“Housemates are only provided basic rations (eg. plain flour, milk, eggs, oats, olive, butter, tinned tuna, potatoes, yoghurt etc) equating to approximately $8 and 1,300 calories per person, per day. Housemates must successfully complete House Tasks set for them by Big Brother to earn more money for “luxury” groceries, alcohol and food rewards.”

Big Brother house kitchen

Dining room

More plants! And a giant long table with enough room to seat all housemates at once. All we know about this zone, is that housemates are required to do their own cooking, cleaning and recycling.

Big Brother house dining room

Eviction room

The eviction room is serious, indicated by the moody colour palette and dim lighting. Jewel-toned furniture features here and all seats are clustered around one screen.

“This is where the drama goes down as Housemates evict one of their own and where host Sonia Kruger questions their motives and strategies.”

Big Brother house eviction room

Diary room

Behold the diary room, where the housemates have intimate conversations with BB themself.

“The Diary Room is where Housemates have a direct line to Big Brother, revealing their innermost thoughts, their schemes and strategies and anything else they can’t say to the rest of the house. It is also where Housemates cast their eviction votes.”

Big Brother house diary room

The Basement

“The majority of Big Brother’s epic Nomination Challenges take place in The Basement. It’s a site for both pleasure and pain as Housemates face tests of their endurance, physical abilities, skills and mental toughness in an effort to win the power to nominate their fellow Housemates for eviction (thereby controlling the game and keeping themselves safe).”

Big Brother house basement

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