Should We Just Put Up the Christmas Tree and Call it a Year?


The shopping centres are already decked out in Christmas wreaths, baubles and lights, while Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You plays on repeat just about everywhere.

It feels kind of early being that it’s not even December yet, but after the turbulence of 2020, it seems people everywhere are more eager than they ever have been to kick off the holiday season and ultimately move onto 2021.

So, when exactly should we put up the Christmas tree in 2020, and when can we take it down once the 25th of December has been and gone?

When to put up the Christmas tree

Households will most commonly put up their Christmas trees on December 1. But the day you put up your tree will depend on the type of tree you have. For those who prefer fake trees, there is no downside to erecting your tree early. For some keen Christmas lovers, the day after Halloween, on November 1, is the preference.

If you prefer a real tree, then it’s best to hold out a little closer to the big day. Somewhere around mid-December is ideal, as the tree won’t begin to drop needles or turn brown when you need it to look its best. If that means you wait until Christmas Eve to pop up your tree, then that’s fine too. Christmas Eve afternoon is typically when households would put up their trees in the Victorian era.

Putting up your Christmas tree early

In case you need some convincing, some may find putting up their Christmas tree early to boost their moods and make them feel happier.

Speaking to TODAY Home, psychologist Deborah Serani said that decorating your abode for the holidays early can “create that neurological shift that can produce happiness”. She explains that “Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone”.

So, for anyone looking to boost their moods at home, you know what to do.

When to take down the Christmas tree

Many will take down their Christmas trees before the new year, so either on New Year’s Eve or somewhere in between December 25 and December 31 — Boxing Day is common. An old superstition would indicate having a Christmas tree up when the new year begins is bad luck, but even older traditions have another idea.

The 12 days of Christmas traditionally begin on Christmas Day, and at the conclusion of this festive period, the tree is supposed to come down. According to these traditions, the tree would be due to come down on January 5.

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