7 O’Block? 8 O’Block? 9 O’Block? Here’s When ‘The Block’ Premieres

If you’re a Blockhead, then you know that The Block can take over your life. You start each day craving The Block and spend each evening bingeing what you can. What’s more, Channel 9 is more than delighted to accommodate such cravings. Between the episodes, the podcast, and the online exclusives, The Block is on in perpetuity. 

But when is the 2023 season of The Block on? When is it premiering? It’s time for us to become Blockheads again. 

When Is The Block on?

The Block’s 19th season premieres on Sunday, August 6, at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. However, Channel 9 is yet to reveal what other days this series is dropping.

Fortunately though, The Block has had a standard schedule for quite a number of years. Channel 9 typically drops its room-building episodes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7.30pm. These episodes usually go for an hour. 

However, Thursdays and Fridays are barren wastelands. They are harrowing moments, where the whole earth feels like ash between your toes.

Then, on Sundays, The Block’s room reveals take place from 7.00pm. These episodes usually go for an hour and a half.

It would be incredibly surprising if Channel 9 deviated from this routine. They have trained their audience to organise their lives around this schedule. Why would they mess with what works?

The Block 2023: What Are the Vibes Like?

According to Scotty Cam, the vibes of this year’s season are more pleasant. 

“I have really enjoyed this year,” said Scotty. “It was a really tough series for everyone involved last year, for no other reason than the weather and the mud.”

The Block is tough on everyone, but for me, this one is a little bit less stressful.”

Let’s just hope these vibes make their way to our screens.

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