It’s Auction Day! The Grand Finale of ‘The Block: Fans vs Faves’ is Almost Here

After what seems like forever, The Block has finally reached the home stretch. There have been scandals and accusations of cheating, but at the end of the day what matters is which team’s house sells for the most amount of money when it goes up for auction.

Mitch and Mark, Ronnie and Georgia, Tanya and Vito, Josh and Luke, and Kirsty and Jesse have dedicated months of their life to take an average home and turn it into a luxury property. This year, the contestants were tasked to work in Hampton, a beach-side suburb in Melbourne.

Some transformations completely blew the judges away, while others … not so much. Hampton is considered an affluent suburb, so we’re already predicting some big numbers this coming Sunday. Houses in the area can go for a cool $5 million so you do the math.

This year, The Block switched up their format, with three brand new teams versing two who have appeared on the show before. It’s been a wild ride as the contestants were required to build the layout from scratch — a first for the show.

Although things took a turn in the middle of the season when Ronnie and Georgia accused Josh and Luke of cheating. What transpired was an explosive rift between the teams, as Josh, Luke, Tanya and Vito faced allegations of foul play.

The four of them came across a photo of the production schedule, which left the remaining three teams at a huge disadvantage. Now, in the latest promo for the final, it seems the twins are going to reveal everything they know about the infamous picture.

“Obviously we know the truth and we feel now is the time to say it,” Josh says to the camera, as Luke sits beside him. The next scene is Tanya, saying: “I’ll show you the text message.”

The Block Grand Finale will air on Sunday, November 7 at 7pm on Nine and 9Now.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia

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