Everything You Need to Know About When ‘Beauty and the Geek’ Is on TV

beauty and the geek sophie monk when is beauty and the geek on

Beauty and the Geek is the surprisingly charming, heartwarming show that’s had us glued to our couches as we’ve watched our 10 beauties get paired with 10 certified geeks in an attempt to answer the age-old question: do opposites attract?

Hosted by certified beauty — and self-confessed dork — Sophie Monk, this dating show-slash-social experiment has a $100,000 prize ready for the winning couple. Love that for them!

Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia, Monk told us to expect “goosebumps, tears and comedy saying, “You’re definitely going to laugh. It’s just so hilarious watching opposites coming into each other’s worlds.

“You won’t laugh at them, but you will laugh because it’s just so funny. And then the next minute you’re just in tears! It’s such a gorgeous show, so innocent and beautiful.”

Monk said that the show was so emotional, in fact, that “there were times [she] felt like Dr Phil”, a role she didn’t consider herself especially qualified for!

“I was definitely more involved than I thought I would be,” Monk admitted. “It was kind of on me to re-pair them and make sure they were bringing the best out in each other and, if I saw a connection there, to kind of encourage that along as well.

“Like, I’m not trained for this! But I just tried to give them the best advice from my own experience of being on shows and growing myself, so it was a very rewarding role for me — except for when they weren’t happy with the re-pairing because then I couldn’t blame anyone!”

So here’s how it works: the beauties and geeks are given a series of real-life challenges, and as they work through them and get to know one another, we get to see whether there’s a connection that overcome their differences.

If a couple wins one of the challenges, they then get to go on a one-on-one date to see if there’s a romantic spark that could blossom into something more. On the other hand, the two couples who land in the bottom have to compete in a head-to-head challenge, and the couple that loses that will be sent packing.

The question remains: When can we tune in?

Beauty and the Geek airs on Sundays at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9 Now, and then Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm each week.

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