When Does ‘Big Brother Australia’ Start? We’ve Got You Covered

when does big brother australia start

Big Brother Australia 2023 is just around the corner, and it’s gearing up to be the sexiest, most thrilling season yet. You might be wondering: When does Big Brother Australia 2023 start? Well, we’ve got all the details.

This year, the show promises to bring us an array of unexpected surprises, flirty twists, and, of course, plenty of love, lust, and jealousy. With 15 new housemates in the mix, it’s not just about winning the grand $100,000 prize; it’s also about finding a little romance within the house.

But that’s not all. Big Brother Australia is bringing in a fresh set of rules and some exciting changes to the house. Hosted by the ever-glamorous Sonia Kruger, this season is spicing things up even more with Sonia herself stepping into the Big Brother House to announce evictions.

Now, let’s talk about the King and Queen Suite. It’s the perfect place for lovebirds to escape the prying eyes of their fellow contestants. And yes, it also means the return of Big Brother Uncut, where you’ll get to witness all the juiciest, sexiest, and funniest moments of the week that were too hot for regular TV.

With over 80 cameras and microphones capturing every move 24/7, you won’t miss a thing. The drama, alliances, and emotional rollercoasters will be unfolding before your consciousness, seven days a week.

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Big Brother Australia 2023 Start Date

Get ready to be glued to your screens as Big Brother premieres Monday, 6 November on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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