Debating What to Watch? Here Are Our Top Picks for What’s Streaming on Stan in March

stan march 2022

With so many streaming services, so much content and so little time, sometimes all you want is for someone to tell you exactly where you should be directing your eyeballs for your next TV watching session.

Whether you are a true crime buff, a sucker for a bit of drama, a hopeless romantic or all about the laughs, Stan has a great selection of titles being added to its library in March and we have taken it upon ourselves to pick the three we think you won’t want to miss.

Read on for all the details.

Joe vs Carole

It may have started as everyone’s lockdown guilty pleasure in 2020, but the wild world of Tiger King has continued to captivate us ever since.

In Joe vs Carole, John Cameron Mitchell and Kate McKinnon star as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, in a scripted adaptation of the 2020 Wondery podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger King.

The series centres on Baskin’s discovery that Exotic is breeding and using cats for his own profit and makes it her continued mission to shut his shady business down. This, in turn, makes her pubic enemy number one in Exotic’s eyes with chaotic results.

Filmed across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the cast also includes David Wenham as Don Lewis, alongside Marlo Kelly as Carole Baskin’s daughter. Nic English plays Joe Exotic’s first husband Brian Rhyne, and Tom Rodgers plays his most recent ex-husband Dillon Passage.

Joe vs Carole premieres on March 4.


Take a trip into the world of 1970s erotic magazine publishing with Minx — a 10-episode comedy series that centres around an earnest young feminist who joins forces with a low-rent publisher in Los Angeles to create the first erotic magazine for women.

The series stars Ophelia Lovibond (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Jake Johnson (New Girl) and is produced by actor and filmmaker Paul Feig (Bridesmaids).

Minx premieres on March 17.

Credit: Stan

The Girl from Plainville

Here’s one for all you true-crime lovers, although we must caution that this particular series does involve themes around suicide.

Elle Fanning stars as Michelle Carter — who became headline news after she allegedly convinced her boyfriend Conrad Henri Roy III via text message to take his own life.

Roy’s body was found in his truck on July 13, 2014, with the 18-year-old having died from self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning. While Roy had been struggling with anxiety and depression, authorities discovered that he has also exchanged dozens of texts with Carter, in the weeks leading up to his death, in which she encouraged him to end his life.

The series is based on Jesse Barron’s Esquire article of the same name and explores Carter’s relationship with Conrad Roy III and the events that led to his death and, later, her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. It also takes a look at the impact that technology, social media and pop culture have on young people’s mental health and how it can be truly damaging.

The Girl from Plainville premieres on March 30.

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