Vitamin D: We Need It for Strong Bones But More Isn’t Necessarily Better

Vitamin D

Researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada have published a study on the effects of high-dose vitamin D supplementation on bone health. 

They found that while a certain level of vitamin D supports a healthy bone mineral density (BMD), there wasn’t any evidence showing that a higher dose was any better. So save your money on expensive supplements and get your vitamin D the old school easy way — food and sunshine.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin D for most healthy adults is 200 UI — which is five micrograms and isn’t difficult to achieve. In summer that’s only five to 20 minutes of sunshine because your body can absorb vitamin D through your skin. 

This is Australia though, so the major sun-safe caveat is to grab your daily rays before 10am or after 2pm — slip, slop, slap, people. If your inner goth is recoiling at the thought of so much sunshine, perhaps stay indoors – in the kitchen – and eat your vitamin D instead. 

Add the following list of foods into your diet to maintain a healthy vitamin D level:

☆ Salmon: A massive 450 UI

☆ Whole eggs: A large egg has 50 UI in its yolk

☆ Milk: A 250ml serve will give you 100 UI — you’ll need to double-check milk alternatives though, as they’ll need to be fortified with vitamin D instead

☆ Mushrooms: Did you know that they can absorb vitamin D in UV light just like we can? As little as three mushrooms can give you up to 200 IU.

Sounds like a salmon and mushroom frittata is in order — in the name of good health, of course!

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