Kate from ‘The Traitors’ on What She Has Planned Now That the Show Is Done and Dusted

When Channel 10 announced its latest reality TV competition, The Traitors, we didn’t know what to expect. It was certainly intriguing, and it reminded us of a game we all fell in love with during the COVID-19 lockdown: Among Us.

But no one was sure how the real-life version would play out until the first episode aired, and when it did, everyone was immediately hooked. The TV show was gripping and, at times, extremely stressful, but that’s what made the entire competition so exciting. 

On Sunday night, Traitor Alexander Duggan was crowned champion, and fellow Traitor Kate was banished from the hotel. It was an intense moment as viewers witnessed their rivalry reach its peak. 

But while Kate’s time on the show was over, and she missed out on winning the $250,000 prize pool of silver, don’t rule out the chance of seeing her on TV again.

“Performing and entertaining have always been my first love, so hopefully, this tiny bit of exposure has been just what the Australian TV industry needed to realise that I’m priceless and I should probably host the next crazy reality show,” Kate told The Latch with a laugh. 

From what we’ve seen so far, we can certainly see that happening. 

Her bubbly personality and infectious aura are exactly what made her a fan-favourite in the first place, so maybe a hosting gig isn’t too far off in her future.

In the meantime, though, Kate will continue to focus on her thriving photography business, where she captures people’s most special moments and turns them into art. 

“I’m going to keep doing photography, it’s what I do and what I love,” she says.

Kate’s journey on the show wasn’t a conventional one. The reality star started off the competition as a Faithful, whose aim was to hunt down the Traitors.

However, towards the end, she was recruited by Traitor Alex, who asked her to join her team. Kate agreed, knowing her options were to either become a Traitor or be “murdered” by one.

“I wouldn’t have stayed in the game if I hadn’t become a Traitor. I also like that I ticked so many boxes on the show,” said Kate.

“I got to win challenges; I got to catch Traitors, and then I got to be a Traitor. I ticked every single box except for winning.”

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