What Is Craig from ‘The Traitors’ Up to Now That the Show Is Over?

Trigger warning: This article discusses suicide and abuse.

2022 marked the first year The Traitors Australia aired on television.  Network Ten’s newest reality TV venture was a hit, and rightfully so. The competition had it all: Drama, entertainment and nail-biting suspense, making it a formula for success.

The last episode saw Alexandra Duggan take home a prize pool of $250,000 worth of silver and of course, the title of The Traitors Australia. While she’s busy spending her well-earned fortune and planning a wedding to boot, fellow contestant Craig also has big plans now that the show is over.

Australia collectively mourned for Craig after he was duped and stabbed in the back by Traitor Alex. His hopes of winning the prize were dashed, and his aim to finish the show as a champion for the sake of his special needs daughter slipped from his reach.

“It was very emotional to go through, but to watch it back, it’s like you’re relieving those emotions all over again. So it was hard to watch, to be honest,” Craig told The Latch.

“I wasn’t playing the game for me. I was playing the game for my wife and my daughter — we have a special needs adult daughter who is 21, but her mental age is about three or four.

“So my sole purpose was to support her. At that moment, it was just bitter disappointment, and I had an overwhelming feeling that I let them down,” he admitted. 

Craig, who tragically lost his sister to suicide and suffered from an inexplicable amount of abuse as a child, initially turned down the offer to appear on the show, with the network having to approach him a second time for him to give in finally.

“Channel 10 found me, and I said no to The Traitors at first, especially once I knew the title because, as a business coach, I didn’t want to be associated with anything called The Traitors,” said Craig.

“I’m a survivor of horrific abuse, and the first 21 years of my life was surviving abuse in every sense of the word, and my primary motivation was to keep my two sisters alive. 

“I’m aware that I carry a fair bit of damage that comes along with that, and my youngest sister did, in fact, end up taking her life as a result of the damage that was done to us. I live with a lot of those things, so putting myself in a pressure cooker mental situation for me was not something I would have done. Which is why I said no to doing it,” he admitted.

“But the importance of doing it for our daughter overrode that, so I put that on the back burner because the ‘why’ for us was important.”

The Traitors is constantly testing your mental strength. It’s not easy living with a group of strangers and not knowing who to trust, but despite Craig’s reservations and history, he made it to the very end. 

Now, he, along with fellow Traitors contestants Justine and Nigel, are embarking on a new initiative. One that helps support those struggling with their mental health.

“I guess when you look at mine, Justine and Nigel’s stories, it’s incredible. We want that to mean something, so we’re working out what we can do from a mental health perspective to help people going through what we’ve gone through,” Craig explained.

“We’ve toyed around a little bit; we’ve set up a website called Grab a Plate, Grab a Mate, and we’re not sure where it’s going to go. But if there are people out there in that space, then we’d love to encourage conversations around mental health. 

“Every day, I live with the thought that if my sister could have spoken to the right person at the right time, she might still be here, and that will never leave me. So even if we help one person, then we’ve accomplished something we can be really proud of,” he said.

If you or anyone you know is struggling and needs support, call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or Lifeline on 13 11 14, both of which provide trained counsellors you can talk with 24/7. You can also speak with someone confidentially at Headspace by calling 1800 650 890 or chat online here.

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