Travel, Puppies, and Love: What Alex From ‘The Traitors Australia’ Is Doing Right Now

In Season 1 of The Traitors Australia, Alex Duggan scored many a stan and simp. But with good reason. Not only was Alex an engaging character, she also won the entire series and scored $250,000.

However, it’s been a hot minute since Alex won The Traitors Australia. So what is Alexandra doing right now? Here are the details we know. 

What Is Alex From The Traitors Australia Doing Now?

Discover with RAA Travel

Since winning The Traitors Australia, Alex has been on Discover with RAA Travel. This series promotes lit travel destinations around Australia and abroad. Discover with RAA Travel also offers its audience members exclusive deals and competitions. 

In the premiere of Discover with RAA Travel, Alex presented a segment full of holiday tips and hazards. What a gem.

Vibing With Tiffany Papaemanouil

Now, it’s worth noting that Alex isn’t all about the grindset. Since winning The Traitors Australia, Alex has also been spending time with her girlfriend, Tiffany Papaemanouil.

According to Alex, she will eventually use some of her Traitors’ winnings to get IVF. 

“I will probably be the one to carry… I will bounce back pretty quickly,” said Alex.

As a unit, Alex and Tiffany have a dog called Louie. Their pup is incredibly cute.


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The Block or The Amazing Race?

Alex is keen to get back into the reality TV scene. However, if Alex were to do another series, she’d like to do it with Tiffany. Therefore, a series like The Block or The Amazing Race would be ideal.

“I am the more serious one,” said Alex, “she brings the laughter, so the audience might like her better than me!”

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