After Being Crowned Sole Survivor on ‘Blood vs Water’, Mark Reveals What He Plans on Doing Next

On Monday night (Apr. 4) the entire jury voted for Mark Wales to be crowned Sole Survivor for Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water. It was a tough decision, with the Jury being presented with not two, but three former tribemates who were all fighting for the top spot. 

After Shay, Chrissy and Mark voted Josh out of the competition, they then had a much more difficult obstacle to overcome: Convincing the Jury that they deserve to be crowned the winner and receive the $500,000 prize money that comes with the honour.

They all presented different but solid pitches, mentioning not only how they perceived their game but how they managed to make it to the very end. 

In the end, it was Mark who was the last man standing. First taking a crack at the show in 2017, Mark met his now-wife Sam on the beach of Samoa, and while at the time neither of them made it to the final, their lives were changed for the better. 

Speaking to The Latch, Mark revealed what he plans on doing next, and it involves his wife and baby boy.

“I think we’re gonna take some time off! We haven’t really recovered properly in the time since the game was played,” he said. “

We’ve been working pretty hard and then watching the game back’s been pretty stressful, too, so we might just take a few weeks off!” 

Sam was also a contestant on Blood vs Water this year but was booted off — which surprisingly, was part of the couple’s plan. 

It’s safe to say, they played it smart and most definitely deserve the huge cash prize. Guess we will just have to wait and see what the couple gets up to after their much-needed break. 

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