“I Had a Good Cry”: ‘MasterChef Australia’s’ Keyma Opens Up About Missing Out on the Semi-Final

MasterChef Australia has no shortage of sweet, wholesome contestants. The reality show is one of the nicest to watch on television, with the drama aspect noticeably absent.

One of our favourite participants is Keyma Vasquez, who was eliminated in last night’s episode right before the semi-final. 

The “Favourite” not only had a knack for flavours and explosive cooking, but she was frequently spotted busting a move in the MasterChef kitchen.

It’s safe to say that saying goodbye was difficult, but for Keyma, the response from fans has made the entire journey worth it.

“Watching the elimination back last night, all of the feelings that were bubbling came out and I had a good cry,” Keyma told The Latch.

“But after the response I received from the audience — they sent me so many lovely messages — I felt an overwhelming amount of happiness. So, I had a mix of happy and sad feelings last night.”

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Entering MasterChef Australia is no easy feat, especially when you’re up against former contestants and winners. However, Keyma proved to not only herself but everyone else watching just how strong of a cook she was.

The food she plated up consistently impressed the judges, and the energy she brought to the show was unmatched.

Her journey ended just before the semi-finals, but regardless, the dancing queen has no regrets from her time on the show.

“When you get that far, there’s always a little bit of you that wants to continue going, and for me, I managed to go a lot further than what I had expected. But there’s always a part of you that thinks, ‘what would have happened if I made it to the semi-finals?’,” admitted Keyma.

“But I have no regrets at all. There were positives and negatives, but that adds to the experience as well. The negative feedback is a huge growth opportunity.”

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We don’t have to wonder what she would have done if she had ended up winning the competition and, of course, the $250,000 that comes with the title. 

The cook has big dreams, and the prize money would have really helped her fulfil those aspirations.

“I would definitely go and open a restaurant if I won the $250,000. That’s my biggest dream, and it’s something that I will now work towards.”

As for what’s next, Keyma is hoping to spread the word about Latin and Spanish food through her cooking, and she has a solid plan in place to do just that. 

“I’m in conversation with some restaurants here in Melbourne to collaborate with them and develop dishes and menus. And then I’m thinking of writing a book in the future.

“I have so many things planned.”

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