Josh From ‘Australian Survivor’ Is Not Only Gearing Up to Be a Father, But Also a Husband

Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water crowned its Sole Survivor last night (Apr. 4), with Mark Wales taking home the title and the $500,000 prize money. Joining him as the last castaways standing were Shay, Chrissy and Josh, who was voted out early in the episode. 

Josh made headlines during the show after he opened a letter from his fiancee, Saige Todd, which contained a special surprise: Sonogram photos. In a confessional, Josh revealed that prior to appearing on the reality series, he and Saige were preparing to begin in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in the hopes to have a baby. But sadly, the doctor delivered bad news at the time, telling the couple that Saige had “a big cyst on her ovary”.

Shortly after, Josh left to film the show and had no idea that during that time, Saige was getting ready to have surgery.

“I can’t put it into words, how emotional it was. To go on Survivor with your cousin and make it all that way, Day 37, we’re still together and he’s sitting right next to me, it was a very special moment, it was so unexpected,” he told The Latch.

“I was sitting there going ‘all I need is some contact from Saige, to see if she’s all right, see what’s going on’, and Saige was potentially going into hospital to have an operation while I was away, so I was thinking about that sort of thing, and it didn’t even cross my mind one little bit that she could be pregnant, so to open it up and see the ultrasound, I couldn’t believe it, I lost it, and still, looking at the video of that, I still get tears in my eyes.”

He may not have won the competition, but it’s quite clear that Josh would have been ecstatic about heading home. The airline pilot is now focusing all of his attention on becoming a father. 

Survivor’s been all-consuming while it’s been airing, and I’ve actually been looking forward to it wrapping up so I can start focusing on my dad duties, and you know, Saige has got seven weeks left. She’s well and truly getting into the third trimester now, so it’s all about to happen very soon and I’m looking forward to it.”

Not only is the couple about to welcome a baby, but they’re also planning their wedding which is expected to take place in March next year. 

“It’s been wild, we’re trying to plan this wedding, we’ve got the baby on the way, Survivor’s been going on, we’ve had weddings to go to ourselves, so every weekend there’s just so much going on for us. I’m looking forward to having the gas on the pedal lifted a little bit! But yeah, wedding is March 24th next year!”

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