The ’90s Are Back and Turning Everything Blue, Including This Mystery-Flavoured Fanta

what is blue fanta

History reveals that the first Blue Fanta was released in 2008 in Canada. It was then discontinued, and everyone forgot about Blue Fanta—until now.

In 2021, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) brought back the Blue Fanta with zero-sugar as a mystery flavour. It was all part of a What the Fanta campaign in Europe. Now, it’s in Australia, and our favourite snack Instagrammer, @foodfindsgeelong spotted the mysterious Blue Fanta on shelves at Woolworths.

We did some digging and discovered it’s true—the mystery Blue Fanta is on Aussie shelves.

The tongue-tangling, no-sugar combo is a cocktail of mystery flavours to which not even we have the answers.

What we do know is you can try it for yourself. The mystery Blue Fanta is available in a 1.25L bottle and a 600ml bottle only at Woolworths.

The 1.25l bottle is available at Woolworths.

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