Baths in Bedrooms? The Five Wellness Trends Set to Be Popular in 2021

Wellness Trends 2021

Pinterest, the place we all sourced our DIY ideas and bread recipes from this year, has released its annual trend prediction report.

By looking at internal search data, they were able predict 2021 trends across the board (pardon the pun), and they rarely get it wrong. In fact, 8 of the 10 trends they predicted in 2020 – an “unprecedented” year – held strong throughout the year.

As Pinterest Predicts says, the upcoming year is a rebirth as opposed to a reset – the year for an “internal renaissance.”

So how will we be doing that in 2021? Wellness-wise we’re looking at modern mystics, skinimalism, bathing rituals, mindful parenting and our personal favourite – sleepcare.

1. Modern Mystics

For those who are big on their star signs and are ready to take it that step further, you’re in luck. 2021 is the year that alternative spiritual methods will enter the mainstream, according to Pinterest.

The year-on-year search for protection crystals has risen 100%; manifestation techniques have increased by 105%. And visualising your highest self? That’s risen by 55% more.

It’s time to get in touch with your spiritual side.

2. Ritual Baths

If you prefer baths over showers, then 2021 is the year for you. Go beyond your regular bubble bath – with a glass of wine, of course – and turn the space into an at-home spa.

People will start incorporating deep-soaking tubs into their routines, as evidenced by the 145% rise in searches. Apparently, this is the year baths may make their way back into the bedroom – there’s been a 50% increase in people looking for ‘bath in bedroom free-standing’.

It seems like it’s not only bodies that will be cleansed by these baths. Spiritual cleansing baths were the top search of this category, with a whopping 180% uptick.

Think essential oils, Epsom salts, gua sha tools… or a full-moon bath ritual.

3. Skinimalism

In case the name didn’t suggest it, a wellness trend coming in 2021 is skincare being stripped right back. 12-step routines are out, and natural skin is back in.

The search for ‘how to get naturally glowing skin’ has multiplied four times over, and people are trying their hand at cutting out the middle man and making skincare at home.

And for those of us with an extensive make-up routine? Dewy, natural make-up is back in, with an 180% rise in people searching for ‘natural everyday make-up’.

4. Mindful Parenting

For those of you who have been parenting throughout a pandemic – you’re amazing, and we commend you.

Beyond the alphabet and addition, it appears parents are wanting to pass on lessons about mindfulness. In fact, three times as many people are searching for ‘mindfulness activities for children’.

In terms of storytime, the search for stories with moral lessons has increased four times over.

5. Sleepcare

We’ve made it to our favourite trend: sleep. No longer is it about getting the full eight hours, there’s now a luxurious routine to accompany it.

People are looking into sleep yoga (90% YOY increase), and pre-sleep workouts (3x increase). What you wear to bed matters as well, with a 60% rise in searches for silk sleepwear – true luxury.

Scent is another sense that matters for sleep, with people looking at infusing their diffusers with sleep blends. Affirmations also pop up here as well, with a significant increase of 100% more searches for it.

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