Wedded Wonderland Is Inspiring Brides and Grooms Until They Can Wed Among Friends


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Following a quick celebration alongside family and friends to bask in a recently accepted proposal, a bride or groom will likely head straight here, to Wedded Wonderland.

Described as Australia’s online and in-event wedding destination for luxury, cultural and unique couples, the platform is a source of news and endless inspiration for any and every possible aspect of one’s big dream day, from the flowers and cake, right down to the dress and the vows.

Wendy El-Khoury is the founder of Wedded Wonderland. Her mission for the platform is, and always has been, about “delivering love to those in love”. It’s what she says gets her out of bed in the morning.

“Knowing that I continually pave the way for the Australian wedding and events industry, to continually think outside the box in product development, content creation and most importantly… delivering love to those in love!”

Back in March, brides and grooms were devastated at the restrictions around public gatherings, that limited only five attendees to weddings. Though this news came as a shock to her business, and absolutely impacted the way she had worked until this point, El-Khoury is looking forward to the future and maintaining a positive mindset.

We caught up with the Wedded Wonderland founder to find out more about the effects the pandemic has had on her business, and find out how we can show our support.

Katie Skelly: Thanks so much for chatting with me, Wendy! I know it’s been a tricky time for the wedding industry, so how has your business been affected by COVID-19?

Wendy El-Khoury: The entire industry is effectively shut down. What that means for me, is that it’s time to work on my business. For many of us in this indurtsy, the break COVID has provided is being seen as an opportunity to reflect on our positioning in the market and love for what we do.

My focus has been in online education (I’m launching online courses soon!) and acting as a concierge for wedding businesses and couples. Our community, now more than ever, needs advice, inspiration, content, and connection, so from an online perspective, we have gone into overdrive to deliver this.

KS: What does all of this mean for you and your business now?

WE: Well, in addition to our new-found focus, we have also launched Instagram Lives on Wedded Wonderland and Wonderland Media (our B2B platform) hosting experts like Steven Khalil, ImageHaus Weddings, Calligraphy en Vogue, Paolo Sebastian and more.

It means I am excited for what’s to come, and know we need to be ahead of the curve in considering what problems our industry and consumers will face in planning their big days after this time — we want to be the solution!

“We want to be the solution!”

KS: That’s so awesome! And such a valuable resource for your soon-to-be brides and grooms to refer back to while they plan. I wonder, have you taken a financial hit in this time?

WE: Oh yes. Our largest B2B and B2C events have been cancelled: Wedded World, Australia’s most luxurious bridal event which we have hosted three years in a row, plus INSPIRE, our industry leadership summit.

But we have worked out a way to deliver a digital offering and opportunity — it’s nowhere near as financially viable, however, we’re trying to take a more long-term, scalable approach to our events.

KS: It’s fantastic you’ve been able to take aspects of the events online. Tell me, have you put any immediate plans in plans to pivot your business while weddings are still restricted? 

WE: Absolutely, we all had to. My first priority was ensuring that we offered support to both the industry and our community. We immediately set up Facebook groups for both which assisted so many people in getting advice and guidance, as this really was unchartered territory for us all.

One couple actually found their wedding photographer through our group for their less-than-five-person wedding. They didn’t want to cancel, but they postponed the reception to their one-year anniversary party.

“My first priority was ensuring that we offered support to both the industry and our community.”

KS: How special! How are you responding to the changed needs of your readership right now?

WE: I just want to ensure my business is viable, and that we are continually inspiring, educating and stimulating the market economically. Agility is the key to any small business right now.

KS: Too right you are. How can people support your business right now? What can we do to help?

WE: Easy! By telling us what they want! So we can deliver it.

KS: I’m sure people would be more than happy to help you out with that! I’m curious, do you think your business, or the industry in general, will evolve from here?

WE: I think that in a post-COVID world, people will really invest in the sentiment of weddings and private events. Yes, our couples love a lavish affair, but first and foremost, many will appreciate celebrating with their loved ones.

At the end of the day, that’s what Wedded Wonderland is all about.

Show your support for Wedded Wonderland now by engaging in its beautiful content and letting Wendy know more of what you’d like to see. 

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