What’s the Weather Set to Be Like on New Year’s Day?

The finale of the festive season, New Year’s Day in Australia is a time for recovering (for those who attended any of these NYE events in Sydney or Melbourne), relaxing or partying — and for many, it’s for doing all three.

While the weather on the day is most often sunny, seeing as it’s one-third of the way into summer, this year, with La Nina tearing through our atmosphere, the temperature on the day is set to be a complete wild card.

So, to help you plan what you’re wearing for whatever your chosen activity is on New Year’s Day, not to mention to help you even choose what to do — because obviously, you wouldn’t want to plan for a picnic or other outside gathering if it’s set to be rainy and, on the flip side, you wouldn’t want to be inside if it’s set to be super sunny — we thought we’d go ahead and share what the weather’s predicted to be doing on the day.

Let’s start with the city with the best weather forecast for the day, shall we? It’s Perth. There, you can expect temperature highs of 31C, plenty of sunshine and a fabulous 0% cloud cover and 0% chance of rain. In short, all signs point to New Year’s Day in Perth being a real treat of a summer’s day.

In Sydney, however, the weather on the day is set to be a little less than ideal – cloudy and humid with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm, according to Accuweather. Temperature highs will be 24C while cloud cover will be at a whopping 99%.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, the weather will be a tad more like summer, with only a shower in the morning for 30 minutes and temperature highs of 28C. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re not a fan of direct sun), however, it’ll be mostly cloudy with cloud cover at 78%.

Over in Brisbane, the weather will also be cloudy, as well as humid and with heavy showers. In fact, there will be up to six hours of rain on the day and cloud cover will be at 100%.

And in Hobart, it’s set to be cloudy with a morning shower in spots followed by a little rain in the afternoon. Temperature highs will be 22C and cloud cover will be 89%.

Bottom line: it’s a mixed bag of predicted weather on New Year’s Day across the country, and so to plan accordingly, you’ll want to keep on top of the forecast and watch to see if it changes. We’ll share any updates here.

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