Get Your International on — How to Binge the UK and US Versions of ‘The Traitors’

A new season of Australian The Traitors is on the verge of dropping. However, it doesn’t have a release date yet, and you might be craving some more Traitors content. That’s why we’re here to tell you how you can watch the US and UK versions of The Traitors in Australia.

That’s right, the Australian version of The Traitors isn’t the original. In fact, all the previously discussed programmes are spin-offs of the Dutch series, De Verraders.

This means that they’re a plethora of different versions of The Traitors to binge. Here’s how you can watch the US and UK versions of The Traitors.

How to Watch the US Version of The Traitors 

The US version of The Traitors is currently on Paramount+, 10 Play, and Prime Video. On all of these platforms, one season of this series is available. 

How to Watch the UK Version of The Traitors 

The UK version of The Traitors is currently on Paramount+ and 10 Play. On Paramount+, a whole season is available to stream. However, on 10 Play, they are missing the final episode of the season. 

How to Watch the Australian Version of The Traitors

The first Aussie season of The Traitors is available to stream on Paramount+ and Prime Video. On both of these platforms, the whole season is available. 

How to Watch the Dutch Version of The Traitors

Tragically, there is no way to stream the original version of The Traitors, De Verraders, in Australia. Which is a shame. ‘Cause the people deserve to know how this stellar series started.

Network 10, it’s now your move, please do the right thing. Please put all of De Verraders on 10 Play. Do it before SBS On Demand beats you to the punch.

The Traitors Australia Season 2 premieres at 7.30pm on Sunday, August 13, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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