Victoria Bitter Has Launched a Fragrance Aptly Named Thirst

Victoria Bitter

Here’s something you didn’t know you needed: a fragrance created by the makers of iconic Australian beer, Victoria Bitter. VB lovers can now swig their favourite beer and spritz their new favourite fragrance at the same time.

Linking up with the team at Chemist Warehouse to create the fragrance, Thirst, A Scent by VB delivers woody notes and doesn’t actually smell like beers despite containing hops.

The idea for the aftershave came about last year and the partnership had led to the creation of 15,000 VB perfume stubbies that are for sale nationally. According to The Daily Telegraph, the fragrance is currently a one-off production but that could change should sales go well.

Victoria Bitter
Victoria Bitter

“We linked our brewers up with perfumers from Chemist Warehouse, I’m not a chemist but it’s a big, bold scent that combines perfume oil with the essence of our Super Pride hops we use to make VB,” Victoria Bitter marketing director, Hayden Turner, told The Daily Telegraph.

“I know at first it sounds odd but VB is one of those brands that people really love. VB has always been about hard work and working up a sweat, and now we can solve both your thirst and your odour.”

The ad for the fragrance is also pretty iconic, as it shows ambassador Harley Breen cruising down a road in a Mustang before stopping to dig a hole (the purpose of the hole is unclear). Either way, he looks positively parched but instead of cracking open a VB beer, Breen spritzes himself with Thirst.

Thirst is currently sold out on the VB website but can still be purchased via Chemist Warehouse for $29.99. Perhaps something to consider buying your dad for Father’s Day?

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