Venus Has Gone Into Retrograde Today, So Relationships Beware


Venus retrogrades once every 18 months to two years — and it just happens to have gone into retrograde today, May 13 where it will stay until June 25.

Venus rules love, beauty and finances, as well as “all other pampering things in life”, says Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. These include “good looks, flowers, perfume, fine jewellery, parties, elegant desserts and chocolates, champagne, wine, liqueurs and spas.”

“When Venus is retrograde, all these areas suffer from the lack of gentle Venus’ direct rays.”

How will Venus retrograde impact relationships?

Venus is currently retrograding in Gemini, so couples who might already be experiencing tense moments due to iso could find the next few weeks even more challenging.

“Since Gemini is one of the free spirits of the zodiac, this retrograde is set to bring the desire for freedom within relationships,” Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, told Refinery29. “That means that there will be more than the usual number of breakups.”

This doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll experience a breakup, but the Venus retrograde and Gemini energy could bring up issues that have been brewing for a while.

“It may be time to face the music that the relationship isn’t built on a firm foundation or has cracks that are irreparable,” Ambi Kavanagh, astrologer and founder of Soulstrology, told Well+Good.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. This intense energy can also be used positively, says Kavanagh.

“It’s a great opportunity to get to know your partner better by talking and listening,” she said.

Don’t be surprised if any exes slide into your DMs over the next six weeks, as Venus retrograde in Gemini (and COVID-19) provides the perfect setting for this.

“In many ways, it can feel ‘safer’ for people to do so at a time where there is no pressure of falling back into something that is perhaps best over,” Kavanagh told Well+Good. “However, for some, this may be the beginning of a reconciliation.”

For singles, the combination of iso and Venus retrograde could prove hard to create a lasting connection but this is the perfect time to focus on a little self-love.

“Love energy may be harder to come by during this period, but we may compensate for this by loving ourselves more,” Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen.com, told Refinery29. “Perhaps the greatest lesson of this retrograde during COVID-19 is to understand and be clear on who we love and what our true values really are.”

How will Venus retrograde impact your emotions?

As Venus rules everything to do with beauty, you might be tempted to change up your appearance during this time. All we can say is: please don’t.

“I know you will see articles online and in the newspaper about how to cut your hair while in lockdown, but I don’t think you should try doing so after May 12. The results could be disastrous,” Susan Miller wrote on Astrology Zone.

“Don’t change the colour of your hair dramatically either. You can do a root touch-up—there are lots of brands in the drug store to try—but don’t go too dark. The rule of thumb is to go a tiny bit lighter, not darker. Some men are going bald altogether or doing buzz cuts. Think about it before you act on an impulse.”

With tensions running high from COVID-19 and now the energy from Venus retrograde, it’s best to avoid making any big life changes. Tread lightly with your relationships and remember that everyone is doing the best they can at the moment.

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