The Great Australian Vape Ban Is Here — Let’s Unpack the Deets

If you’re a thirteen-year-old that loves cereal milk vapes, then today’s news might have you sweating. ‘Cause the Federal Government is tightening our vape laws. 

According to the gov, all types of nonprescription vapes will soon be banned from being imported into Australia. This vape ban will even compass vapes that don’t contain any nicotine. 

What’s more, the vapes that our GPs are prescribing will also be altered. In the future, they’ll be flavour-free and come in plain packaging. These vapes will continue to be only available to folks who are trying to kick cigarettes. 

Our Health Minister, Mark Butler, is stating that these bans are aimed at reducing the amount of Australian teenagers using vapes. 

As Butler said, “This is now the number one behavioural issue in high schools, and it’s rapidly becoming a serious behavioural issue in primary schools.”

“This is a very serious problem we’re facing, and it has exploded over the last few years. While we were focused on the pandemic, it has utterly exploded, and we’ve got to deal with it now.”

Now, it’s worth noting that the medical community will likely support Australia’s chungus vape ban. One such person probs being Professor Emily Banks, an Australian National University researcher who studies the pros and cons of vaping.

Back in March, Banks said, “The evidence supports Australia’s prescription-only model for e-cigarettes, which aims to avoid use in non-smokers and young people while targeting use for smokers seeking to quit.” 

“While we know about some of the risks of vaping, the review found that the effects of e-cigarettes on major health conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease, are unknown. People using vapes are inhaling a complex cocktail of chemicals.”

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