Sanitising Your Phone Has Never Been Easier Thanks to This UV Device from JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi

From trolley handles to doorknobs and our very own hands, the last few months have taken our sanitising habits to the next level. And for good reason, of course.

But, have you also been sanitising items like your mobile phone, your watch and your credit cards? These are some of your most-handled items and should also be cleaned to kill potentially harmful pathogens.

While giving these items a quick once over with an anti-bacterial wipe should do the job, single-use wipes are wasteful and not great for the environment. So, a portable phone sanitising device is a handy alternative.

These devices use UV light to kill 99.9% of germs and you can pop your phone, watch and credit cards in the device separately to do the job. And research backs it up, with a study from 2018 finding that a “continuous, low-dose” of UV was successful in wiping out viruses (like the flu) in indoor public spaces.

It’s also worth noting that while these devices can be helpful with killing bacteria, there aren’t any “studies to date that specifically look at the effect of these devices on COVID-19,” Kara Pepper, M.D. told InStyle.

While a UV device isn’t foolproof, it’s a helpful tool to add to your sanitising and hygiene routine.

The Homedics UV LED Phone Sanitser from JB Hi-Fi sanitises your phone in just 30 seconds each side without the need of wipes, chemicals or liquids. You can shop the Homedics device via the JB Hi-Fi website for $99.

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